Monday, August 1, 2011

And it begins...DAY 1

Here is what I walked into today.

Here is what it looked like when I left. 

 This is the view from one side of the room by calendar.
 This will be the guided reading area.
 This will be where we do calendar.  My computer is just hanging out in the background because they are supposed to put another drop on the wall and mount our projectors...this has yet to be done.  Don't they know teachers want to start early and where the computer is makes a difference on the layout of the classroom.  GRRRR!
This is a view from the door.  The student tables are shown and you can see more stuff piled on my counter tops.  More work for tomorrow.

I am sure this is only #1 arrangement for the year...tomorrow may hold more changes.  

I also organized my math cabinet the Debbie Diller way.  I didn't take pictures yet...I need to put on the labels and get more tubs or find more tubs in the room.  I am pretty sure I have more somewhere.

Until tomorrow...


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