Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ladybug drops of glue and cutting practice

At the beginning of the year, we like to start off with lessons on how to conserve glue and how to use scissors safely and correctly.  Mostly because we get a lot of friends that have never used these things before, but it also serves as a good review and good fine motor practice for other friends in class.

Ladybug drops of glue:

 The  ladybugs are made with red paint and the drops are made with clear glue mixed with black paint.  It's another fun way to practice making little dots of glue.  The "Little Dot of Glue" song is also glued on the page to help them remember a little dot holds a lot.

Cutting Practice:

For this project I drew 3 different lines on a sheet of construction paper.  One was straight, the other curvy, and the last zig zag.  They had to cut on the lines and then glue them on a another paper.  We talked about how to hold scissors and that they were kind of like a car and the line was the road.  We said that we need to go slow so that we could cut nicely just like a car needs to go slow on the road to stay in their lines (lanes).


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