Thursday, August 4, 2011

Need a little technolgy in your class...

Wednesday I went to a workshop put on by my district.  It was about using technology to meet the needs of GT students.  I came out of it with some new ideas and some great resources.  Several of the resources I had heard about before and our district was not allowing us to use them...well, now we can!!!

Here are the links to some of the cool things we talked about:

You can create super cool slide shows in a snap.

We played with this one making fun avatars that can talk.  Kids will love this one.  I plan on making one a class mascot that comes to visit to talk about our various units and events.

 This is a little something you can create with words.  I created the one above.  Wouldn't it make a cute shirt?

Glogster Edu
Create your own learning posters or class projects online.

Storybird is a site where you choose the artwork for a book and you provide the story.  This would be a cute whole group activity or a great GT project too!

And the best part about them is that they are FREE.  There are upgraded versions that cost money, but the free accounts can do just enough.

Now if only we would be allowed to link a blog to our website.


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