Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To avoid big glue messes...

Why not practice making little drops of glue.  After all, a little dot of glue holds a lot.

At the beginning of the year we teach the kiddos a song and show them how to conserve glue by just making little dots.  I just redid the glue practice sheet.  Click on the picture to get yours.  Each child practices placing one little dot on each circle they see.  It is good fine motor practice as well.
 Once they learn the song, don't be surprised if when you are working on another gluing activity someone will start it and they will all sing along.  Click on the pic for the song.

A little dot of glue holds a lot!!

We also have another activity called ladybug drops of glue.  More on that one later when we get the kids.  They don't start till next week.  I was just redoing some first week activities.





Busy Bees said...

Just found your blog and love it. I snagged your glue practice and song. Can't wait to use these the first week!!
Thanks for sharing!

Braddock said...

I also love your blog! So I am trying to use your glue practice. I've clicked it but how do I print it full size? When I save it, it is itty bitty! Thanks for your help!

Michele said...

@Braddock - did you download the original from the file menu? That should open it in adobe and then you can save it and it should come out ok. Let me know if that doesn't work. I can always email it to you. :)

Ms. Preppy said...

I love this!! I'm definitely going to put this in my first week file for next year (we went back early in August)! Thanks for sharing!

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