Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm back and a LINE UP CHANTS Freebie!

Wow!  I leave for vacation and come back more followers. SOOO Exciting!!!!

I had a super time on the Texas coast with my family.  I was sad to leave, but a little excited to come back because next week begins FUN TIME!  The part I look forward to... getting back into my classroom.  I got an email from my principal saying our rooms are ready so I will be headed up there on Monday.

Let the fun begin!  I'll post picks of the progress.  I have no idea how I want things to look, so I am sure I will go through several arrangements.  I'll also be able to post more ideas and freebies since I'll have more time with baby girl in daycare.

Here's my line up chant book that I recreated.  My original post is here.  Click on the picture to get your book.  I plan on making the cover extra cute...maybe some scrapbook paper to spice it up a bit before laminating.

ENJOY your freebie...keep the followers coming...more followers=more freebies....maybe even my first giveaway!!!


Nicole Calderbank said...

These are great! Thank you:)

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