Sunday, September 11, 2011


Boy, have I been busy.  I have hardly found time to post about all the fun things that we have done so far.  Between school and raising an almost 11 month old...there is no free time.  Anyway, here is something I did manage to get a pic of.  Our fabulous blotter bugs.  The project took the whole week, but it turned out cute and the kiddos learned how to make orange, green, and purple.
If you like the recording sheet, click here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Please keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers...

Many wildfires have been raging through Texas.  One was even about a mile away from my house.  Please pray for families that have lost everything, for the fire fighters trying to contain these fires, and for everyone else these fires are affecting. 
This is the view from my backyard.  I believe this to be the fire in Bastrop, TX

Click here to help those in need.  Many in Bastrop have lost everything.  25,000 acres have been burned and 500 homes destroyed. 

Dear God,
Please send rain soon.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Colors continued...

So, our big color project is unfinished because my kiddos got sooooo excited about Pete the Cat.  I think we may have read it everyday last week.   We read the story, talked about colors, mixed colors, made Pete, talked about our favorite color, and found and made rainbows.

Here is our "Blotter Bugs" project.  It is not finished yet.  We still need to add legs and googly eyes to our bugs.  Students mixed the primary colors to make green, purple, and orange.

On Friday, we talked all about rainbows.  We even had a rainbow snack.  We were so busy I didn't snap as many pictures as I wanted to.
Here is our color splash experiment.  We poured milk in a pie plate, added drops of food coloring, then drops of dish washing soap.  The colors moved right before our eyes.   We recorded our information on our data sheet and added it to our science notebook. 

More ideas and pics coming soon!