Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's just a few days into summer and I am already thinking about room arrangements. YIKES! This year it think is going to be all about keeping it simple and organized. Last year, I left in October for maternity leave and then returned in January. Well, I was organized...maybe I should just reorganize so that it makes things even better. I don't have as much time in the afternoons to work because I am wanting to leave to get home to my daughter. This calls for more work during the summer for me. I need to work SMARTER not HARDER. Plus with budget cuts we are losing a lot of our staff so we may end up with more duties and responsibilities next year. All the more reason to get things together.


NO more clutter!
NO more keeping junk I don't use! (I guess that is kind of the same as no more clutter. This will be a hard one...being a teacher there is always something hanging around that I am planning on using later on for something) Wish me luck with that one.


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