Friday, June 24, 2011

Math Work Stations Chapter 4

 So this week I found myself at my summer training and most of the talk was about the STAAR test.  So no biggie, right?  I teach kinder, why do I need to worry about this test?
Well, seems as though we are now VERY accountable for readiness standards that move vertically through the grade levels.  What better way to help reinforce these than differentiated work stations.  Yayyy!!! I am on the right track.

I found myself taking notes and thinking of all the things that I could do for my workstations.  Yeah, you could say that I am getting a little excited. is Chapter 4!!!


It's all about counting and numbers baby!

So what to include in stations: counting games, dominoes, 5 and 10 frames, memory games, graphs, surveys, coins, counting books (adult made and student made), number tracing, playdough numbers, and the list goes on.
Kudos to you Fran for a job well done.  I can't out do her but I did manage to create some things to share, despite having an 8 month old running around.  Thank goodness for nap time and bed time.

Here are some number vocabulary cards I created.  I have another set somewhere, but I can't find them.  They are ones that I used on my number vine.  I will also post a picture of that as well once I find that.

I also created a frog number match or memory game for the numbers 0-10. 

10 frames can be found here.

I have also made 7 different themed counting mats.  Message me if you are interested. 
1. farm themed -  you can use little toy farm animals to count with.  
2. winter - I have little snowflake beads that I will use with this one. 
3. Doggy - I thought about bringing in dog bones or making some bone cards
4. Fishy - Going to use goldfish with this one, maybe even little gummy fish
5. Igloo - marshmallows for snowballs or white pom poms
6. Spider web - going to use little plastic spiders or other bugs
7. zoo - use plastic zoo animals or animal crackers 

Wow. so many more ideas...but no more time.  On to Chapter 5!
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Fran Kramer said...

Thank you for linky up with me in spite of your busy life with a baby. Okay, I can make lots of materials since my baby is 28 tomorrow! hug that little one because it goes by way too fast!
I love all the things you created too!

Debra Wright said...

Hi. I'm interested in the fish bowl and spider web counting mat.

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