Friday, June 24, 2011

Math Work Stations Chapter 5 - UPDATED


The first thing that came to mind while reading this chapter was CGI problems that my school does.  We try to get one in each day to help the students with their problem solving skills.  This past year I put all of their problems into a math folder.  This folder also included everything having to do with math, ie -zero the hero pages, number writing, making sets, etc.  Every skill we covered had at least one page in the folder.  We start the CGI (story problems) at the beginning of the year doing them whole group.  Then by the end of the year they are solving and even making up their own problems.  I have a file of different word problems for each day of the year.  (we put this together years back and when we do them all I change is the children's names that are in the problem)  So there is the intro and let's bring it to a workstation.

I already have a pretty cool addition game in my math cabinet.  It is an addition game made by Lakeshore.  Guess I need to get the subtraction one now.  The kids love it and it's pretty easy once they know how to play.  click on the pic to go get it from Lakeshore.

are super for kids to work out story problems. 
I have tons in the room.  In my last workstation post I made some counting mats - well those can also be used as addition and subtraction storyboards.  Yayyy!!!!  Click here in case you missed them last time.  

We also use an organizer board.   You can run it on colored paper or card stock and then laminate it.   For addition have the 2 squares at the top and then flip it around for subtraction.  It helps the kiddos keep their groups organized.  click here for that.

Our math adoption is big on games with making 10.  So I thought...hmmm how about a making 10 game.  It's using 10 frames and colored dots and some sort of manipulative that the students can add to it.  While I was making it I thought of different ways to differentiate it.  The recording sheet was one thing that can me modified as can the 10 frames.  How about using different shapes instead so that the students aren't confused by the color.  Then they can match it to the recording sheet by finding the corresponding shape.  That folks is in the works....coming soon!

Don't forget the math talk cards.  

One other game our adoption has in it is "how many are hidden".  Debbie also mentioned it in chapter 5.   You can start with 5 manipulatives, then 10, then 15, and up and up.  Game coming soon!

 How about a making 10 book? 



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