Friday, June 3, 2011

Chapters 1 and 2

Chapter 1

 I didn't really do math stations this past year, but I did have a math center during my literacy center time.  I think the idea of math stations is just fabulous.  You are able to work with small groups after your lesson is done and touch on math skills that need practice. I am also thinking I may use this time to work on more problem solving strategies.  The stations will allow for more meaningful independent work that reflects their level of understanding. This will be very beneficial to me because we are losing our math interventionist next year. 

Here is my checklist:

1.  Materials used by the teacher first and then put in the station.  Yes
2.  Materials do not change weekly but reflect their level of understanding.  I did change them weekly with the change of the theme.   I will need to change some things to really make it a station and not a center.
3.  All students go to stations daily.  Yes
4.  Materials are differentiated.  No...but they will be.
5.  The teacher observes or works with small groups during this time.  Yes and Yes!

So to differentiate...I like the idea with baggies with different stickers on them.  I am going to implement that next year.  Not sure what kind of stickers I will use, I'll have to look around to find something cool.  I think the clipboard notes will also be handy when differentiating for the students.

Chapter 2
Alright....ORGANIZING!  Lucky for me, I have 2 sets of cubbies.  One already houses math manipulatives in clear plastic tubs and they even have labels of what it contains.  This I will change to a number label to better fit the idea of math comes the organizing part.  Since I am already on summer break this part will have to wait till August.  I will however make some notes for later.  So for now here are my math manipulatives and possible future site for math station tubs...unless I decide to use bigger tubs.  Then it will have to move to a shelf. 

You will notice that there are math "kits" at the bottom.  These come with our math adoption and are also full of manipulatives.  I have always just kept them in the kits and stored them as you see here, but I am open to other ideas.  

Anyone else out there have these kits?  What do you do with them?


Melissa said...

I think I have the same kits (mine are red, prbably becuase they're for first grade). I emptied them all and put like materials together. We have a huge attic at school and I just put the empty kit bags up there along with some of the materials I don't use but I can't get rid of.
F is For First Grade

Michele said...

Melissa - do you get new ones each year? We do for as long as we keep the adoption (Think Math), so I just end up keeping them in the kits and giving them back to the kids at the end of the year.

Deedee Wills said...

Michele... Your shelve looks great! I'm jealous of the kits... don't know what's in them, but just the expression "math kit" makes me dizzy with joy!

Thanks for linking up!
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

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