Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Number Arcs

The other day I posted about a neat-o math find -- number arcs.  I said I would try to create one of my own...well, I DID!  It's not magnetic like the one at Really Good Stuff and I'll have to find some plastic number sets or make some cards, but I think it will work.  It is still kind of a work in progress because I don't know yet just how it will look blown up.  I will probably run it on large colored paper and laminate it just like my alphabet arcs.  I made one for 1-10 and then from 1-20.  Then I made some with missing numbers.  These could be ran on the back of the original arcs.


These can be a great small group activity that can help with number matching, number id, and number order.  Then once they get the hang of it.  It can go into a MATH STATION!!!! Yayyy! 


Colleen said...

Great idea! I love this.

Anonymous said...

Are you willing to share a copy of your number arcs?

If so, please send to kindergartengoonies@gmail.com

Kindergarten Goonies

Anonymous said...

PS: Good Luck w/new job! We hope you are still teaching Kindergarten! LOL

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