Thursday, July 14, 2011

Math Workstations Chapter 6

When I started reading this chapter...I was thinking place value...hmmm.  Then I started to think hey, I do this everyday during calendar time.  I have a pocket chart where we count the days that we have been in school.  We talk about making bundles of 10's, 100's, etc.  We even talk about what number will come next. 
  We also count to 100.  Count by 5's, and then count by 10's.  I have a number pocket chart for this one.  We also talk about the number patterns on the chart. 

Both charts are Carson Dellosa.  
One thing that I also do is I take away numbers and they have to tell me which one is missing.  This could be turned into a workstation.  -Missing Numbers.  A recording sheet could be made and at the end of the week we could talk about what answers we got.
The thing that they love the most is when Zero the Hero comes to visit.  After the second visit they begin to see the pattern that he will come every tenth day of school.  I usually have some sort of treat (shaped like a zero) and we complete a math journal page with that number.  We make sets of 10, tallies, and we make the number.  Kathleen Pedersen has a great zero the hero unit on TPT.  Check it out!  I plan on using it next year.

Speaking of number patterns...

Here's an odd and even chant for you:
0, 2, 4, 6, 8 -They are even aren't they great!
1, 3, 5, 7,9 - They are odd all the time! 

One area that needs A LOT of work is the TEEN numbers.  These are ones that my students struggle with each year.  I really liked the idea that Fran posted about having the students count up.  I try to get them to do that each year, but maybe I just wasn't getting it right.  

Ok, so I have a lot of work to do in place value.  Tons of things need to be created.  Luckily my blog friends have made some things.   Check out their goodies here:

More coming soon!!!  I hope.


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