Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Operation Organization: Classroom Library part 2

So I am still going through books in my garage.  It's hard finding time to work when you have a 20 month old.  My work times are during nap time (usually an hour or a little more) and when she goes to bed.  That being said - have have been going through books and taking ones I don't read out and putting them in my personal collection for my daughter.  I have also been setting aside books for a friend who is starting her first year teaching next year.   She just so happens to be taking my place at my old school.  So happy for her!

While blog stalking, I came across this.  Herding Kats has great book dividers for free.  Here is a pic of her tubs with the dividers.  Click on it to go get your dividers.  She has them in her TPT store. 


I will not be using tubs to organize my books, I luckily have a giant double bookshelf in my closet to use.  I wish I would have snapped a picture before I left, but we had already filled the shelf with all my junk.  I am going to use the dividers as tabs to separate my books into units/themes.   Then if ever I move again into crates/tubs they go already separated. 

I guess I could use baskets, lord knows I have tons of them...but for now this will work for me.  The dividers are also a good tool to store your books if you are putting them in tubs. 


Erika Finch said...

So excited to be teaching kindergarten...I am so tankful that you gave me this opportunity:) ps I love that I can keep up with you on your blog your a great teacher and only wished I could of been on your team...maybe one day:)

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