Monday, June 11, 2012

New room...

I snapped a few pics when I moved my things into my new classroom.  I finally have a sink and lots of storage space.  There is even a huge closet off to the side.  The furniture in the pictures is obviously not kinder.  That will be moved this summer.  (as long as they still need me for kinder - numbers can always change)  So many possibilities.  I plan to cover one of the chalkboards.  Maybe make it a word wall.  As for the other...I am hoping the summer work fairy can turn it into a white board...but I could be dreaming.  Guess I'll be using a lot of chart paper and a teaching easel.

Until August/late July - see ya classroom.


J Tilton said...

WOW! This room is huge! Oh the possibilities. Do you know the insulation board trick? Take the pink insulation board from Home Depot, cut it the size you need to fit your chalkboard, hot glue it up and then you have an instant bulletin board. Have fun with all you planning!

Michele said...

Thanks so much for the tip!!! I am so doing that. Awesome!

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