Friday, June 15, 2012

Operation Organization: Classroom Library

My plan this summer is to get better organized and get rid of things I don't use...well ok, well maybe find a use for things that I don't use.  I am changing schools next year so most of my stuff is in boxes just waiting....waiting...waiting.  This is what I brought home to organize. YIKES!

step 1: organize and catalog classroom books.

This also includes getting rid of books that I don't use in the classroom.  :(
Some will be donated and others will be set aside for my daughter.  Ok, that make a list of what I have...hmmm.

For cataloging I found this...
So far so good.  I started out just typing in the isbn's, but then I found there was an app for my phone.  So, I downloaded it and now I just scan the codes in.  Sometimes it won't recognize a code, then you have to type it in.   I haven't spent too much time playing with the website yet, but it appears you can also record which books your students have checked out.  Right now I am just using it for my own personal books so I am not playing with that part yet.  At least now I will know what books I have.  :)

A finished crate.    


J Tilton said...

WOW! You have a lot of work to do! Have fun organizing-just think of all the time it will save you when school starts!

Ben Conn said...

We would love to donate bins, bags, our app and some other goodies! Here is a donation we just completed!

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