Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Project 1: Giant floor pillows

This summer I decided to finish up projects that I never did last year.  The first one I started was to make giant floor pillows.  I saw a post on pinterest and bought the fabric last year, but never got around to it.   Maybe because of my two little ones running around.  

Here is the post. 
giant floor pillows

I am almost done with the first pillow.  They are going to be BIG.  I think 2 of my kinders and fit on them at a time.  I am going to try them out this year and if they cause problems I will just make smaller ones next year.  

I didn't use a pattern and I certainly didn't cut very straight, so we will see how they end up.   (fingers crosses they are like the pictures above)

My Christmas present from 2 years ago being put to good use.

Here is me about to pin the sides together.
 I'll add to this post as I complete my project...STAY TUNED.


I finished the pillow and it is SOOO big.  I love it.  I am still deciding if I need to make another or make 2 smaller pillows.  

It's like big dog sized...I am thinking 2 kiddos can use it for read to self or one can snuggle on it and read.   

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Classroom learning space project

I recently wrote another donors choose project.  This time for a classroom carpet that will become a place to sit and another learning space to use during station and small group time.  It's expensive, because classroom rugs are not cheap.  Most schools already have them, but mine does not.  I have been using a simple blue rug I got from big lots, but that one isn't lasting.  :(

Time for something new...we have carpet, but that too has seen better days.  I wanted to try sit spots, but those too are expensive.  Anyway, to try and get it out there more, here is my project.  Click on the picture to help my project.

Classroom Learning Space

Thank you!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer blogger???

That's what it seems I have become.  I try to do better each year, but it doesn't seem to work for me.  I guess being a mother of 2 and a teacher doesn't exactly leave you with much free time.   It's summer again and I find myself making plans to do things for my room and not really getting much done.  

This coming year I am moving to a new room.  I managed to snap a few pics at the end of the year after I put all my goodies in.  This room belonged to a friend of mine that got moved to 2nd grade for the past year.  She had to move rooms so I moved up into hers.  My room is now becoming pre-K.  My furniture is on the window side of the room and the 2nd grade furniture is on the door side.   I am hoping it gets moved before I get to get to decorating.   

With this room I get more bulletin boards and a better Promethean board.  I am happy!!!


Now, on to thinking about classroom arrangement.  I has a flipped floor plan that mine did last year, but I think it should be easy to come up with something that works.  Fingers crossed!