Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer blogger???

That's what it seems I have become.  I try to do better each year, but it doesn't seem to work for me.  I guess being a mother of 2 and a teacher doesn't exactly leave you with much free time.   It's summer again and I find myself making plans to do things for my room and not really getting much done.  

This coming year I am moving to a new room.  I managed to snap a few pics at the end of the year after I put all my goodies in.  This room belonged to a friend of mine that got moved to 2nd grade for the past year.  She had to move rooms so I moved up into hers.  My room is now becoming pre-K.  My furniture is on the window side of the room and the 2nd grade furniture is on the door side.   I am hoping it gets moved before I get to get to decorating.   

With this room I get more bulletin boards and a better Promethean board.  I am happy!!!


Now, on to thinking about classroom arrangement.  I has a flipped floor plan that mine did last year, but I think it should be easy to come up with something that works.  Fingers crossed!


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