Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Fun

Ok, so Texas really doesn't have much of a winter season... that didn't stop us from learning all there is to know about snow, ice, snowmen, and arctic animals.

Here are a few pics that we did.

During science time we put water in the freezer to see what would happen.  -we made ice, then we took our ice cubes and tried to melt them with the heat from our breath and from our hands.   

 We made snow by mixing glue and shaving cream and then we made a snowman.

 We also listed the steps on how to build one and displayed it with our snowmen. 

 On Fun Friday we made ice castles.  Each student was responsible for bringing in ice that they froze at home.  We talked about how we would get them to stick and how to build it.  Then I let them go to town.  We even added food coloring.  We watched them the whole day and we discovered that the room was too warm for our ice and it melted.

 This was our write the room activity.  This is the recording sheet.  The students had to go around the room looking for the picture and the word.  The original idea came from Julie Lee.  (she had one for her Gingerbread Man Unit on TPT) I modified it for our winter unit.
This is an example of what the students are looking for.  They just have to find and copy the word.  Clip art is from DJ Inkers.
We also managed to squeeze in penguins.  They loved watching video clips of them swimming and sliding around on the ice.  Here are our penguin projects.   Inside the penguin roll is our penguin facts sheet.  They used the tree map below to write in different facts.
This was in my science center.  They had to sort snowballs into groups by their size.  They also had to use tongs.  It was a great fine motor activity too.

I am sure there was tons of things I didn't get a picture of. :(

All in all, it was fun.  Up next----Weather.


applesandabcs said...

I love all of your ice activities! I am in CA so I have to do special ice things here too to make up for the non-winter!

Apples and ABC's

Ms.Trinh said...

You have a wonderful I nominated you for an award. Click The Teacher Tattles to see it.

Mrs.H said...

Your write the room activity is genius!! Thank you! New follower!

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