Thursday, January 5, 2012

1st day back and...

my kids were sooooo good today.  It made for a very easy day.  It is a very short week for us - 2 days, but I managed to get a lot done today.
    We started off talking about the "hot topic" : what everyone got for Christmas.  We sat down on the carpet and just chit chatted for a while.  I had them talk to their partner and then when we were done I asked them what their partner said.  It worked very well cause we had a few that didn't listen - then we were able to review listening and speaking rules.
  Next was resolution time.  We read this book:
The kids loved it.  It was very cute.  We listed different resolutions we had and wrote ours down.

We also make cute little NY's kids - pic tomorrow.

We talked about how black eyed peas are good luck and we decorated 2012 with a bunch so that we could have good luck too.  Some years I make black eyed peas for them to taste, but I decided not to this year.  (they are not my fav -YUCK!)

I'll post pics tomorrow - we were so busy I didn't take any.  Oh, did I mention I also got a new student!

Happy New Year All!


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