Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving part 1 - Pilgrims and Cranberries

 We started our Thanksgiving unit last week and here are a few highlights.  Above our the pilgrims we created after reading about the first Thanksgiving.  We compared life then to life now and talked about what chores the children did then and now. 

I purchased Deanna's Thanksgiving unit from TPT and incorporated the chores page.  Her unit it totally cute.  My students really enjoyed her story. 

We also did something different this year with cranberries!!!!
The kids just loved it.  We first looked at one and wrote some adjectives. 
 Then we did a little investigation to see if they floated or sank.  We even got to practice wet harvesting our cranberries.  They got a kick out of this.  (no pic - sorry)
Then we made cranberry sauce!

 We made the cranberry sauce, then tasted it, tasted jellied cranberry sauce (from a can), and dried cranberries.  We then decided which was our favorite.  Next year I think I am going to bring in some cranberry juice as well.
Our on going science experiment is to see which seed sprouts first - pumpkin seeds or corn.  (This was also in Deanna's unit)  So far nothing yet - but it's fun to see them check it every day.


Tot Play: A Learning Journey said...

Oh ... I love the Cranberry Investigation sheet and adjective brainstorming! I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE a copy of it!! Is the investigation sheet part of Deanna Jump's unit or is it yours? Would you mind emailing it to me to use with my daughter? We are going to read Cranberry Thanksgiving and these activities would tie in GREAT with what we are doing the next two weeks. I used to read this book to me second grade class. My e-mail address is tlmswt2000(at)msn(dot)com if you are willing to share. Thanks a bunch!

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