Sunday, November 13, 2011


Our pumpkin.  I had 3 donated to our class.  We carved one, added stickers to this one, and the other we counted the seeds and measure how many cubes tall it was.
These are our pumpkins.  They were on a vine protected by a scarecrow, but I forgot to take a picture.  It was too year I guess.  I had the kiddos paint a pumpkin with orange paint.  Then we added glitter and let it dry.  We then added a stem and leaf and put them on the vine.  They turned out super cute.

This is our pumpkin tree map that we filled out together.
We used the tree map to write about pumpkins.  They did a great job.
Click HERE to get your own pumpkin writing page.
I saw this on another blog, Welcome to Room 36, but Jessica did it with apples.  I changed it to pumpkins and we measured our selves and compared our results.

I also saw this brace map too and decided to try it with my kinders.  We did it step by step together and they turned out super!


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