Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stick a fork in me...I am done, maybe...

Am I done?  Is a teacher ever really done?  NOPE!  My room is complete for the most part.  Now it's lesson planning and getting things ready time.

 And there you go...that is my classroom in a few pics.  Teachers start back tomorrow and we have 7 days of inservice/training.  Our kiddos start the 27th.  I am excited and nervous to go back, but it is going to be a great year!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Classroom Day 1

So I have been to my room one day and I got quite a bit done.  Yayyy!  There is still a LONG way to go.  Thanks to my super husband for moving my furniture for me and my sweet little girl for keeping herself occupied while mommy worked.  Good thing I have tons to keep her occupied -kindergarten is full of games, toys, and fun things to play with. 
View of part of my room. - listening, writing center, and a giant chalk board that will somehow become a display of student work and display words for the writing center.

View of large group meeting area and computers to the left.  My Promethean board is front and center.

Small group table.  Still need to put up reading strategies in the back.  Shelf to the right will house my supplies, papers for the week, and the student's book boxes.

View from the door of the student tables.

Math tub location with reading center to the right and my daughter in the corner.

writing table

This is where my word wall will go.  Just needs some border and the alphabet.
So, that's my room so far.  I'll head back next week after a trip to the teacher store for border and wal-mart for some other goodies.